June 8, 2012


Megadeth's Dave Mustaine Hit in the Head with Rock During Set

Jo Hale
Jo Hale

Well, here's some news you don't read every day: Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine was forced to end the band's set at Croatia's Metalfest because someone threw a rock at his head.

Wait, why would anyone want to stone one of metal's finest bands in the midst of a seriously killer set? Apparently, these Croatian metal fans were quite irked with Mustaine after rumors surfaced that a different band canceled their set after arguing with the controversial frontman about an unknown topic.

What other band kicks so much ass that you would pelt Megadeth with stones just because Mustaine allegedly caused them to pull out of their slot? W.A.S.P., of course! Wait, huh?

Apparently, these Croatian metalheads (and I use that term loosely), were so psyched to see the 1980s vaguely-remembered hair metal band W.A.S.P. that they had to boo, jeer and stone Mustaine offstage. You can watch fans throwing stuff at him around the 9:45 mark in the video below.

For the next three minutes, the crowd chanted "We want W.A.S.P.!" until a spokesman for the band came out (13:11) to explain why Megadeth wouldn't be returning. "Uh guys, Dave's been hit in the head with a rock so I have to apologize," the guy said, adding, "That's it," to indicate the thrash pioneers wouldn't be returning to the stage. The crowd, naturally, just threw more stuff at him.

So to recap: Dave Mustaine got hit in the head with a rock because a mob wanted to see a hair metal band perform instead. A rock. Seriously? Who still stones people in 2012? And who listens to W.A.S.P. in 2012? These are questions I can't answer. What do you think?