June 24, 2012


The 5 Best Quotes from Metallica's Orion Festival Press Conference

One day before hosting the Orion Music + More Festival, which Fuse is livestreaming as we speak, Metallica participated in the above press conference to answer burning questions from journalists. The whole thing is worth a watch, but here are the five best quotes from the metal veterans.

5. "We've played festivals in the past that are 10 miles down a two-lane dirt road on a farm. We've done that experience and we've heard complaints. So we wanted to try to put something together in a place with a bit of infrastructure." - Drummer Lars Ulrich on why the band chose to host Orion in Atlantic City

4. "Rob'll play that solo onstage 'cause he's the only one who knows it all the way through." – Guitarist Kirk Hammett defers to bassist Robert Trujillo when asked to play "Frayed Ends of Sanity," a track the band has never performed live in its entirety

3. "Let's just get through the next 72 hours and see what the vibe is. We feel good about what's going on. It's exciting and it's fun but it's also nerve-wracking as f**k obviously to be the hosts and be ultimately the ones responsible for the whole f**kin' thing." - Lars obfuscates when asked if Orion will come to other countries

2. "If I don't say Suicidal Tendencies, I'll get my ass kicked." – Former Suicidal Tendencies member Trujillo on who he's excited to see

1. "There's quite a few bands on the bill that I'm not a big fan of, but I respect the fact that they're good at what they do and opening the door for someone who might enjoy that is part of it as well." – Frontman James Hetfield keeps it real