June 18, 2012


10 Things You Didn't See on MMVA Broadcast


You saw a lot of memorable moments at the MuchMusic Video Awards, but for every surprise Carly Rae Jepsen/Flo Rida collabo, there was lots more happening backstage and before and after the show. We got some great pics of the event, but here are 10 things you didn't see at the MMVAs, from LMFAO's wardrobe tent to tattooed Jepsen fans. 

1. Zebra Holding Pens
There were numerous props scattered around backstage, but none were in greater abundance than the LMFAO steeds above. This was hardly the only stash, as their inflatable cousins could be seen in every nook of backstage, many of them in unspeakable positions last seen in seventh grade biology class or a nature documentary.

2. Vomit-Stained Fans
Proving that “fan” is short for “fanatic,” the mostly teenage crowd started lining up for the red carpet 20 hours before it opened for the chance to see their favorite artist. 17-year-old Richard Kelly finished work at 3 am Sunday morning and began waiting on line two hours later. 18-year-old Caridad Rodriguez arrived at 1 am and was one of the first people on line. But the award for “Most Devoted Fans” went to the group of 10 girls, aged 18-20, who arrived at 11:15 pm Saturday night and waited. And waited. And waited. “There were hobos walking down the streets staring at us and drunk guys talking pictures of us,” said 20-year-old Shirley Checa. Her friend Maya Ruberto was less fortunate. “We only slept for an hour, but I woke up with vomit on me.” She never left the line.

3. Home-Made Shuffle Bot Helmets
70 LMFAO fans, all wearing homemade Shuffle Bot heads, were positioned near the front of the stage, but their enthusiasm was as much about social awareness as fandom. The group repeatedly shouted LMFAO’s name in the hopes that they would help raise awareness and defeat the pro-hunting bill Sportsmen’s Heritage Act, passed by the House and currently awaiting vote in the U.S. Senate. Led by activist Mark Prior and 12-year-old Paige Genier, the group were genuine LMFAO fans, but wrote “Lend a voice” and “Save the polar bears” on the back of their cardboard robot heads.

4. Justin Bieber's Dance Rehearsals
Minutes after Justin Bieber’s performance, the singer’s dance crew KubSkoutz, who have worked with Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears and Janet Jackson, were already planning the rest of their night and discussed the performance with Fuse. Starting rehearsals on Friday, the crew worked 13-15 hours on the routine, not including travel to and from Bieber’s much-publicized Today Show appearance. There were 10 total dancers, four of which toured with Bieber and the rest residing in Toronto. “He’s a little brother with way more swag,” said one dancer.

5. LMFAO's Wardrobe Rack
In a cramped tent directly behind the stage, Kelly Kovell, Creative Director for Party Rock LMFAO, and Chelsea Korka, head of Big Bad Design and SkyBlu’s girlfriend, were organizing and preparing each of the LMFAO member’s eight wardrobe changes. Korka estimated that 85% of the outfits, a portion of which can be seen below, were made exclusively for the MMVAs, including Sky’s elephant trunk speedo, which she designed herself and was an, uh, elongated version of a previous outfit.

Big Bad Designs/Party Rock Clothing
Big Bad Designs/Party Rock Clothing

6. Street-Wide Meet & Greet
On Saturday, the day before the award show, hundreds of fans lined the street for meet-and-greets with various performers. One 12-year-old had gotten there at 11 am and was planning on staying until 11 pm, supportive mother in tow. For the performers, it was hardly the quick "running high five and get back in the van" that define other shows. Artists such as Justin Bieber, Katy Perry and Nelly Furtado spent time with fans, chatting with teenagers (and their parents) and taking pics. Everyone's nicer in Canada.

7. Deafening Screams
The red carpet was loud. Massively loud. Ear-splitting loud. You can try to pin this on various things, but there really was only one cause: teenage girls. Thousands of teenage girls. They are all probably nursing sore throats now, but on the carpet, they turned John St. into a decibel record-breaking event.

8. Hand-Scrawled Signs
On the red carpet, fans lucky enough to get up against the metal railing were able to hang homemade signs for their respective idols, many of which contained play on words on various songs. Among the many selections: Darren Criss got, "Darren, you're cuter than a guinea pig, wanna take you up to Winnipeg! That's in CANADA." Carly Rae Jepsen had, "You seem too good to be true, Carly." And Lucy Hale caught a glimpse of, "I've got a secret... I love Lucy!"

9. Flo Rida's Rushed Rehearsals
Hollywood Jade, self-proclaimed “Choreographer to the Stars” and leader of Urbanesque, the backup dancers for Flo Rida, only received the call for the dance troupe to perform the day before the show. The Toronto-based group, including dancers who previously toured with Lady Gaga, had only one day to choreograph an all-new 5-minute routine to Flo’s “Good Feeling”/”Wild Ones” medley. Jade described the routine as “strong and sexy.”

10. Dancing Cameramen
During rehearsals, Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe” was so catchy, a big, burly, tattooed cameraman who looked more accustomed to Iron Maiden and AC/DC nodded his head and started furtively dancing while filming. You can’t hide, man. We saw you.

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