June 7, 2012


Meet the Fans Waiting In Line Three Days for MMVA Tickets

Even though the MuchMusic Video Awards don't go down until Sunday, June 17, Fuse spoke with some devoted music fans who are already camping for tickets, just to make sure they get sweet seats for one of music's biggest nights.

"The wristbands are being handed out on Friday but we've been here since 11am on Tuesday!" one psyched fan told us. "We just came and we're going to unpack," a different recent arrival said. "We have our coolers and we're going to have so much fun for the next three days." 

Plenty of the people we talked to were naturally very excited to see Justin Bieber, but LMFAO and punk-pop outfit Marianas Trench fans were certainly well-represented in the camp-out crowd as well.

This sunglasses-wearing music-lover probably put it best: "We are going to eat here, we are going to sleep here, we are going to go to the washroom in those nasty port-o-potties, so that we can get a really awesome seat at the MMVAs on the 17th." Right on!

For those of you who don't feel like sleeping on the streets but still want to see Katy Perry, Bieber, Kelly Clarkson and Nelly Furtado perform, watch Fuse's live broadcast of the MMVAs on Sunday, June 17, 9p/8c, for the full awards extravaganza. 

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