June 6, 2012


Are Muse Going Dubstep On Their Next Album?!

UK prog monsters Muse have released a trailer for their upcoming album The 2nd Law, which is due this September. 

The trailer is stocked with footage of modern ills including oil pumps, high gas-prices, stock brokers and features a news reporter reciting the second law of thermodynamics. Muse frontman Matt Bellamy tweeted the report's full text: "All natural and technological processes proceed in such a way that the availability of the remaining energy decreases. In all energy exchanges, if no energy enters or leaves an isolated system, the entropy of that system increases." 

The trailer contains snippets of a handful of unknown songs, which range from a classical music overture to what sounds like dubstep-infused stadium rock. Does the idea of Muse going dubstep excite you? Check out the trailer above and let us know what you think.