June 5, 2012


Nelly Furtado Loves Comics, Hangs Out In Cemeteries

When Fuse's Elaine Moran sat down with Nelly Furtado, we learned the "Big Hoops" singer had some unexpectedly nerdy passions.

"I spent a lot of time doing arts and crafts and puzzles and stuff; I spend time at comic book stores," Furtado tells us. "Unfortunately I wasn't 'a nerd' my whole adolescence. I was only a nerd—and I say that positively, I see you nerds, I'm a nerd—from childhood to 12 or 13. But at heart, I have the nerd spirit for eva eva."

Further proof that Furtado isn't your typical pop star: "I hang out in weird places like cemeteries during the day. It's because I like to read the headstones and dream about people's lives. It's a good place to reflect and think about what lives they lived."

For the full interview—including Furtado talking about her staring problem—watch the video above. And be sure to catch Nelly Furtado performing at the MuchMusic Video Awards, which Fuse is broadcasting live on June 17, 9p/8c.