June 7, 2012


Oprah And 50 Cent: Together At Last

50 Cent on Instagram
50 Cent on Instagram

Normally when 50 Cent beefs, he beefs forever. But while it seems unlikely that he'll be hugging it out with Ja Rule or Rick Ross anytime soon, he seems to have squashed his feud with American icon Oprah Winfrey.

50 will be the guest on this Sunday's (June 10) episode of Oprah’s Next Chapter, and it would appear that he and his host hit it off. “Just leaving Fiddy’s house ..what a great conversation,” Orpah tweeted. “Lots of surprises, he MEDITATES. Can you believe Fiddy meditates? He was so calm. And charming!”

Maybe all that meditation helped 50 find a previously unknown calm and forgiving side to himself, because there didn't used to be a lot of Oprah love in the man's heart. He'd been invited on the show before but declined, saying that he didn't like the way she had previously treated hip hop artists on her show. He told the AP that “I think she caters to older white women. Oprah's audience is my audience's parents. So, I couldn’t care less about Oprah or her show."

50 Cent has sold tens of millions of albums, been in movies and introduced the world to Tony Yayo. But now that he's been on Oprah, Curis Jackson has truly arrived...according to some people. On his Twitter account 50 said "So today my grand mother said you on oprah now boy you made it"