June 5, 2012


Party With LMFAO? Bring Nachos

Okay, dudes, so you want to hang out with LMFAO? Well, they're gonna need you to bring nachos! What's a nacho? According to Redfoo, "The definition of a nacho is a girl that's not yours!" Fuse sat down with the MuchMusic Video Awards 2012 hosts, on their current tour, to get the hilarious rules for their Sorry for Party Rocking Tour. For example, on stage, they need "to see an oversized zebra" because "zebras are party animals... Zebras are the only [animals], other than cheetahs, that come dressed for the occasion."

They also told us about the hazards of touring: "The lifespan of a wiggling package is seven years shorter than the average lifespan of a package that doesn't wiggle, so we're concerned about that." Check out the video above and let us know if you'll be party rocking and wiggling with them in the comments!