July 1, 2012


Riff Raff: "Kreayshawn's Album Will Go Platinum"

Riff Raff has built an enormous cult following as one of the most prolific, confounding and singular artists in rap music, but we sat down with him at Bamboozle to talk about other rappers.

His take on Kreayshawn is bold: "A lot of people are thinking she's a one-hit wonder, but that's not the case. I've heard a lot of her new music and it's excellent. I think when it drops it's gonna sell more than anticipated: I think it's gonna go platinum."

Watch the clip above to hear how Riff feels about Action Bronson, A$AP Rocky and more, and then check out "Dat Dhere," the video Riff just dropped with The Rej3ctz, this morning! Instant classic? Let us know in the comments.