June 4, 2012


Rihanna Snaps at Journalist Repeatedly Asking About Chris Brown

James Devaney
James Devaney

Rihanna does not want to talk about Chris Brown anymore. Got it? Well, one journalist from Esquire UK, the magazine that Rihanna poses topless on the cover of this month, did not get it. He asked Rihanna about Brown. And then asked about him again. And then kept going. And Rihanna just could not take it anymore.

Here's a partial transcript of the Esquire interview (via Vibe):

Rihanna: There’s a lot of s**t y’all can’t get over. Y’all holding your breath on a lot of stuff that doesn’t matter. When you realize who you live for, and who’s important to please, a lot of people will actually start living. I am never going to get caught up in that. I’m gonna look back on my life and say that I enjoyed it – and I lived it for me-and God. This is turning into a tacky interview. What do you really want to talk about? I’m not here to [talk] about messy s**t.
Esquire: It’s just what’s been making the headlines recently.
Rihanna: OK! So do you want to talk about everything on Google? Or do you want to talk about stuff that my fans want to know? Let’s get to the real stuff. The stuff that’s important.
Esquire: What do your fans want to know?
Rihanna: You tell me, as a journalist. You’re asking the questions and I give you the answers. I can’t give the questions too.
Esquire: I’m sorry it’s upset you.
Rihanna: It hasn’t upset me. It upsets me that you keep asking the same kind of questions about stuff that’s trivial. What’s there to talk about? Are all your questions like that? Let’s move onto the next one.
Esquire: It’s just that you haven’t given an interview for a while. A lot has happened.
Rihanna: You think I haven’t given an interview for a while? I did four this morning.

So, note to journalists: stop asking Rihanna about Chris Brown in interviews or she will hand you your ass.