June 27, 2012


Russian Government Blames The Beatles for Its Drug Epidemic

Jim Gray
Jim Gray

This just in from the department of insane excuses: Yevgeny Bryun, the chief medical officer of Russia, has blamed the Beatles for the country's uncontrollable drug problem, more than 40 years after the formative British quartet broke up. 

According to The Daily Mail, Russia, which was behind the Soviet Union's Iron Curtain in the 1960s missing the "Swinging Sixties" that transformed culture in the West, is currently going through a drug epidemic. Bryun points to the Fab Four's dabbling in religious cults in India in the '60s, which, he said, turned people on to the idea of taking mind-bending substances.

Byrun said, "After The Beatles traveled to expand their consciousness in Indian ashrams, they brought the idea of changing one's psychic state to the people. When business then realized it was possible to make money from this—pleasure, and goods associated with pleasure—that was when the growth in the demand for drugs started."

Uh huh. Because Russian youths wouldn't have discovered drugs any other way, right? Especially these guys, who are using petrol and over-the-counter codeine pills to make Krokodil, a bootleg synthetic opiate stronger than heroin that turns user's skin scaly (get it? Krokodil?) and rots the brain and eats users from the inside before killing them.

What do you think of this claim from the chief medical officer of Russia? Totally ridiculous, right? Sound off in the comments.