June 28, 2012


Shepard Fairey Gives the Rolling Stones a New Tongue Logo

Design by Shepard Fairey
Design by Shepard Fairey

If you've been using the same logo since 1971, you might get a little tired of looking at it, especially if it becomes a huge and inescapable piece of pop culture. That might explain why the Rolling Stones decided to commission a new version of their famous tongue to commemorate their 50th anniversary!

Shepard Fairey, the famed graffiti artist-turned-regular artist behind the legendary Andre the Giant/Obey campaign as well as Obama's "Hope" posters, has refashioned the band's logo with some slight recoloring and a "5" and a "0" replacing the "S" and "O" in Stones.

Personally, I feel like Fairey could have done a little more with this. It's basically the same thing! But what do you think of the new logo? Let us know in the comments.