June 12, 2012


Slipknot Unveil "Best Of" Album "Antennas to Hell"

Jim Dyson
Jim Dyson

Slipknot have released four full-length albums over the past 13 years, and while that's not exactly prolific, the mask-wearing collective continue to be one of the few bands today that can consistently sell records. Now the Iowa metal band are preparing to drop their first release since the 2010 death of bassist Paul Gray: Antennas to Hell, a Best Of compilation culling from each album in chronological order, will arrive on July 24.

In addition to their greatest hits, Antennas to Hell will also including live versions of "The Heretic Anthem" and "Purity," and a "New Abuse Mix" of "My Plague," for those dissatisfied with the band's Old Abuse ways. Because the group apparently loves irony, Hell will also include a bonus live CD recorded at the 2009 Download Festival.

"I think every song Slipknot has ever written is a greatest hit, so it was hard (to narrow it down)," Shawn "Clown" Crahan told Reuters. "But at the same time there's only four records, so we did stick a couple of live songs on." 

"It all falls together the way it needs to," he added. 

For those who prefer their Slipknot in app form, the group also plans on releasing their Wear the Mask app this summer. Dubbed "part mask builder, part social connector for fans," the band hasn't released many details on the app, so we'll just assume it will custom-build a mask on your phone that you can hold over your face at concerts.

Crahan also clarified rumors of Slipknot's split following Gray's death. "We as a band have never decided to go away," he said. "We've never even talked about it; it's not even a question. The only question was how long it was going to take each individual member to accept what's happened and feel comfortable with moving on in the record area." 

"Paul was the major part of writing records," he added. "It's not only my brother that I'm not seeing, but it's also what he brought to the table."

There's more good news, too: Crahan explained that Slipknot will take a break after playing a series of summer festivals. Why, you ask? So that the band can go through "the healing process" ... and work on a new record! 

Track Listing:

1. (sic)
2. Eyeless
3. Wait And Bleed
4. Spit It Out
5. Surfacing
6. People = Shit
7. Disasterpiece
8. Left Behind
9. My Plague (New Abuse Mix)
10. The Heretic Anthem (live)
11. Purity (live)
12. Pulse Of The Maggots
13. Duality
14. Before I Forget
15. Vermilion
16. Sulfur
17. Psychosocial
18. Dead Memories
19. Snuff