June 25, 2012


Watch Soulja Boy Explain Car Accident by Mocking Pregnant Woman

Vallery Jean
Vallery Jean

Soulja Boy was involved in a car accident in Los Angeles on Saturday night (June 23), and he has now released a video explaining his side of the story.

"I know my fans want me to make a statement," tweeted the rapper, who spends more time on the social networking site than he does on the mic. "Yes I crashed my bentley yesterday. as YES I was MAD AS F**K. But I got a new Audi in 5mins."

In the video below, presumably to be submitted as Exhibit A in a future trial, the rapper and his crew mock the couple involved in the accident: a man with his pregnant wife. "I had so much respect. I'm already heated that somebody hit my f**kin' $250,000 car," the rapper said. Boy even claims that the preggers woman accused him of driving a stolen car: "She gonna say, 'That [is a] stolen-ass car.' And you in an Impala."

"Driving a piece of s**t," one crew member astutely added.

"She was like, 'I'm pregnant. My arrrrm...She ran the light, our light was green, we were going straight, she turned too fast, she thought she was going to make it, hit my car. So it is what it is."

Check the video below to hear Soulja Boy repeatedly tell you how much his $250,000 Bentley costs.

Over the weekend, the rapper appeared shaken up by the incident, tweeting that he needed "time to [him]self" before tweeting again 41 minutes later. Soulja Boy does, however, want you to know that he will still treat you with respect, regardless of how much money you have, because he's a nice guy like that. "I'm not tripping tho, Bentley is sending my car back in 2 days," he tweeted. "The people who hit my car is BROKE as f**k, no money. I still showed respect."

In a "Huh, that's interesting" twist, the rapper released a song with Curren$y earlier this month entitled "Red Bentley." No word on whether he'll be releasing a post-accident sequel.

Soulja Boy featuring Curren$y, "Red Bentley"