June 7, 2012


Take Buckcherry's Tattoo Tour

Buckcherry frontman Josh Todd is one of the most inked-up men in rock, but even the most elaborate body canvases got started somewhere. Todd's first tattoo was a Betty Boop he got on his wrist while "hammered." It get a little fancier from there.

"I figured out that I should probably get a good tattoo artist," he tells Fuse. Todd got his Sailor Jerry-inspired tattoo "before I met my wife, and it looks almost exactly like my wife, which is cool! Even my daughter looks at it and goes 'that's mommy's face.'"

A wild man onstage and a family man the rest of the time, Todd has all three of his kids' names inked on him somewhere. To find out more about his body of work, click on the interview video above.