June 7, 2012


An Awesome Review of Kanye West's "Mercy" Video

Maxim Bady is a great music reviewer. Although not much is known about him (his Twitter bio lists his location as Birmingham, UK), his devotion to Kanye West, which we brought you an earlier version of with his "Theraflu" review, is unparalleled.

Maxim begins his video review for "Mercy," above, by noting that because of the song, you'd think that the "Mercy" video would be "something about girls in clubs showing their boobanies and some Lamborghini cars, but Kanye West is like, 'No! F**k that s**t! F**k that!" It only gets better from there.

We highly recommend you watch the video above, because it's rare that someone's passion about music is captured in the undistilled way that Maxim Bady's is in the video, but also because we agree with him. The video for Kanye West's "Mercy" is that good. Watch it below; we dare you to disagree!