June 18, 2012


The Wanted Cast Bruce Willis, Taylor Lautner in Wanted Biopic

Is it too early for a biopic of The Wanted? Normally we would think 'yes,' but after hearing the creative casting choices the boy band has come up with to play themselves, we're thinking this blockbuster needs to happen stat.

While the British-Irish quintet drove around New York City in their van (Fuse tagged along), we asked them who they would cast as themselves—or each other—in a movie about The Wanted. Tom thinks he looks "a little bit like Sean Penn, [with] the nose and side profile," while Max is convinced that Bruce Willis is the man to bring his larger-than-life persona to Hollywood. Before Siva gave us his answer, Tom suggested that Taylor Lautner or Jamaican model/singer/actress Grace Jones should bring the Irish member of The Wanted to the silver screen.

Siva—who has clearly given plenty of thought as to who Nathan looks like—says Sid the sloth from Ice Age, Stewie Griffin from Family Guy or Justin Bieber ought to play the band's youngest member.

Max sees "The Social Network lad (Jesse Eisenberg)" as Jay, but Nathan has a better idea: Samuel L. Jackson. What do you think—any resemblance? Be sure to watch the whole video above to see which member of The Wanted is going to be portrayed by fellow UK singing sensation Susan Boyle. (Not really).