June 8, 2012


The Wanted Say "Chasing the Sun" is About Partying Past Sunrise

When Fuse brought boy band phenomenon The Wanted to our studios for a killer live stream and follow-up chat in April, we learned what their single "Chasing the Sun" is really about.

"We were looking for another party song because we're feeling that vibe right now," Jay explains. "'Glad You Came' is about that awesome party and that person you like coming to the party, and so we thought, 'Let's take it a little further.' What about people who go home at 11? They're not fun. People who stay out til 2? Pretty cool. People who are going at five, and they go to your house and they keep going through the day? They're the cool people. You chase that sun. You don't look at the sun and think you should be at work, you think, 'This party just started here.' That's what 'Chasing the Sun' is to us."

That's a pretty in-depth explanation for a boy band tune—it's nice to know they put some thought into their lyrics. Watch the video above to hear the full explanation, and to see Siva profess his love for Disney songs and Finding Nemo. And watch the video below to hear the boys talk about celebrating Nathan's 19th birthday at the infamous Playboy Mansion. 

Most importantly, be sure to watch our live broadcast of The Wanted performing in New York on June 14, 8p/7c, right on Fuse's cable channel!