June 11, 2012


Top 5 Tweets: Magazine Editor Has E-40 Tattoo Above His Nipple & More

5. Rap video website proprietor notes best use of new iPhone feature in today's Apple announcement:

new update lets u screen calls now too so when u wit the main chick u can set it so it automatically sends the sidechick to voicemail
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4. Questlove tweets a picture of the new Fat Boys box set, which comes in a pizza box:

Awesome day when an out of print 30 year classic comes back to you in the form of a pizza box. http://t.co/Gz6dfvOU
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3. Odd Future's Earl Sweatshirt articulates common feeling about cheesy new New York/Los Angeles luxury hotels:

This hotel's attempts at being "hip" or "chic" are futile.
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2. Britney Spears doesn't want you to be mad at her for being so mean on TV:

1. A Complex editor has a tattoo of E-40 above his nipple:

This is Complex Associate Editor @nschon3's nipple... and his photo realistic E-40 tattoo. Right next to his http://t.co/1wUPTJxi
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Here's the tattoo:

N_C_B on Instagram
N_C_B on Instagram