June 29, 2012


Watch: Austin Mahone Shows Off a New Dance Move

We recently sat down with Austin Mahone, the 16-year-old YouTube prodigy behind new single "Say Something," co-produced by Mike Posner, to chat about his new music. We got that and something even better: break dancing! 

In the clip above, Mahone tells us about his songwriting process and even shows us his new dance move. He also talks about the hurdles of being an new pop artist, including being compared to other more settled artists, like Justin Bieber .

"I can't really do anything without being compared to Justin Bieber, like I'll just put on a shirt or a hat and they'll be like, 'Oh, look, he's copying [Bieber]!' Come on, guys, I'm just wearing clothes. Just chill out." 

Check out the video above to watch Mahone talk about his next album and show off his new dance move, and watch the clip below to hear about his songwriting process. The below clip is pretty sweet--he just strums a guitar, checks Twitter and--voila!--he ends up with a song. Let us know what you think of Mahone in the comments!