June 27, 2012


Watch: Lana Del Rey Is Jackie O, Marilyn Monroe in "National Anthem" Video

A few weeks ago I heard that the daughter of two of my good friends would be appearing in Lana Del Rey and A$AP Rocky's new video for "National Anthem." An adorable half black-half white three-year-old girl, she'd be playing the daughter of the two artists, I was told, in an epic video starring Lana as a Jackie O/Marilyn Monroe character and A$AP as JFK. Interesting, I thought. So I sealed my lips and waited. And now, one day after a four-minute-long trailer dropped, we get the real deal. Watch below.

It's Lana and A$AP reenacting the JFK-Jackie O drama: it opens with the "Video Games" singer cooing "Happy birthday, Mr. President" all pouty Marilyn Monroe style, then shows the couple with their family on a sort of Nantucket estate. It's the contemporary Kennedys! Lana fits the role nicely (she sure looks right at home in those vintage duds), while A$AP gives JFK some swag, smoking blunts and sipping liquor. And there's Luca! She's sitting on A$AP's lap during a family birthday celebration at the 3:00 mark, then again at 3:50, and again and again. Adorbs!

So what do you think of the "National Anthem" clip? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.