June 25, 2012


Why Did Foster the People's Drummer Punch the Lead Singer?

Foster the People's frontman Mark Foster tells Fuse about the Hugh Jackman movie that made him cry and why his band's drummer punched him in the stomach in the latest "Intimate Interview." Here's what we learned about the "Pumped Up Kicks" scribe.

Tears: "The last movie that made me cry... I was on a plane and watching Real Steel with Hugh Jackman. The father-son relationship—by the end of it, it crept up on me and just got me." 

Fears: "My biggest fear, honestly, is being wrongly accused of a crime and sent for jail for the rest of my life." Makes sense: Indie singers are always getting sent to jail on trumped up charges.

Scuffling With Foster The People's Drummer Mark Pontius: "We were in France together. I walked into his room. He had just ordered some food and I took half of his sandwich. It's really my fault, but he punched me in the stomach and pushed me out of his room. He was mad, I was mad. We were both really mad, but I got to eat." And food never tastes so good like when you eat on a punched stomach. 

Watch the video above to find out what Foster's greatest regret is. Hint: It's not stealing that sandwich.