June 4, 2012


UPDATE: Lil Wayne Pulls Nicki Minaj, Rest of Young Money From Hot 97's Summer Jam

Vallery Jean
Vallery Jean

Hot 97's annual Summer Jam has become legendary for creating genre-defining moments. But no one expected that Sunday's would start a major beef between the world's marquee rap radio station (the very first radio station in the world to be a rap radio station) and the world's marquee rap crew, Young Money.  

The drama started in the parking lot of New Jersey's MetLife Stadium, where Hot 97 DJ Peter Rosenberg took to a pre-festival stage and mocked Nicki Minaj's pop-leaning single "Starships," calling it "bullsh*t." "I see the real hip hop heads sprinkled in here; I see them," said Rosenberg. "I know there's some chicks here waiting to sing 'Starships' later. I'm not talking to y'all right now. F**k that bulls**t. I'm here to talk about real hip hop s**t." You can watch the video of him doing that below:

Minaj was slated to headline the event in just a few hours. But after learning of what Rosenberg said, Lil Wayne, the head of her crew Young Money, took to Twitter and stated his position simply:

Young Money ain't doing summer jam.
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Minaj soon confirmed that Lil Wayne had pulled her from the show (and went on a bit of a Twitter rant):

I go above and beyond for my fans. But won't ever go against wayne's word. What he says, goes.
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As news of the shake-up rippled across Twitter and through the stadium, Rosenberg tweeted simply this:

Tonight just got interesting g
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The only Young Money artist to perform at the show was Tyga, who played an early set, so it's possible that he hadn't heard about the Young Money boycott. DJ Khaled spent a lot of time on the Summer Jam stage, but didn't actually play as he was scheduled to. And rumors that Lil Wayne would appear as a special guest alongside Minaj obviously never came to pass.

In the crowd, reactions ranged from unconcerned to devastated. A woman near me at the show gasped as her boyfriend told her Minaj wouldn't perform. But the man next to me said, "I don't care!" While another joked, "I paid to see her ass, man!" 

Fueling the feud, Hot 97 DJs who played between sets didn't spin a single Young Money track for the duration of the event, and the songs' absence felt notable because 25% of the top songs on urban radio in 2011 were Young Money songs. One Hot 97 DJ yelled into the mic, "We ain't f***in' with commercial rappers no more!" 

DJ Funkmaster Flex said, ominously, "Tune into me tomorrow at 7:00 as I ruin a career!" 

The Twitters of Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne and DJ Khaled experienced so much traffic that they wouldn't load except as mobile sites. And by the end of the night, "Rosenberg" was trending in New York while #RappersBetterThanNickiMinaj was trending worldwide. 

UPDATE: Rosenberg hit Twitter again this morning (June 4):

last night i said nothing different than I have ever said...it was not a personal dis..it was starships is shit..WHICH WE ALL KNOW IS TRUE
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Update 2: Peter Rosenberg and co-host Cipha Sounds appeared on their radio show this morning (June 4) claiming that Rosenberg was a scapegoat and that Minaj had other reasons for pulling out of the festival. Listen below.