June 8, 2012


Why Is Urban Outfitters Selling A Limited-Edition Exclusive Rick Ross T-Shirt?


Urban Outfitters, a loved and loathed American clothing brand, known best for its corporate reappropriation of youth culture and deep discounts, has teamed with Rick Ross to produce an exclusive, limited-edition t-shirt! It's called the "Rick Ross MMG Tee."

The shirt costs $28 ($38 with shipping) and features Rick Ross sitting in front of the MMG logo an exhaling smoke from a very small cigar. According to the Urban Outfitters website, it's made of "Bawse cotton," and the site suggests you pair it with this shirt that has pictures of characters from The Hangover with the word "SWAG" written under them.

So swag on, my swaggy bros, and pick up your Rick Ross and "SWAG" t-shirts (or Best Coast-designed stuff) from Urban Outfitters online today!