June 18, 2012


Guess Who's On XXL Magazine's List of Lamest Rappers

Marcel Thomas
Marcel Thomas

The hip hop universe has seen a lot of talented artists come and go over the years, but they're not as fun to talk about as the lame rappers. That's why the folks at XXL Magazine put together a list of the rhymers they consider the lamest!

The biggest name on the list is Kreayshawn. XXL disses the Bay Area rapper, writing, "The chick signs to Sony off the strength of a viral banger—XXL admits it—called 'Gucci Gucci'. She returned with the lackluster single called, 'Bumpin Bumpin,' revealing her as a lyrically limited act." Although "Bumpin Bumpin" actually came out before "Gucci Gucci" ("Gucci Gucci" samples "Bumpin Bumpin"), it seems like the rap world likely agrees with XXL.

Kreayshawn's pal V-Nasty, who put out an album called BAYTL with Gucci Mane, gets a special request from XXL to "stay out of the game," and perennial rap L-taker Benzino gets a mention for his decade-old beef with Eminem. 

The list is as follows:

1. Yung Berg
2. Kreayshawn
3. V-Nasty
4. Charles Hamilton
5. Kia Shine
6. Benzino
7. J-Hood
8. Mickey Factz
9. Canibus

So head over to XXL to read their reasoning and let us know who you think is the lamest rapper in the comments.