June 8, 2012


Yelawolf On His MCA Tribute at Bonnaroo & Why Nicki Minaj Is "A Boss"

Yelawolf paid tribute to Adam Yauch with a three-song Beastie Boys medley during his Bonnaroo set yesterday (June 7), and Fuse caught up with the Southern spitter shortly after he got off stage to get the scoop.

"Even prior to his passing, I've always done a Beastie Boys record. I've done 'Paul Revere' since I started," Yela says. "Beastie Boys, they're the greatest. It's unfortunate that we lost him, but he'll live forever."

Yelawolf also weighs in on a number of other hot topics with Fuse, including the Nicki Minaj vs. Peter Rosenberg flap. "Nicki is a boss," he says. "She can do whatever she wants to do. It's always better to come out and do a show in the best of spirits." As for the Pusha T/Lil Wayne beef, he says, "I don't dwell and dip in social media and people's problems. It's none of my business." 

As for his frequently promised Big K.R.I.T. collaboration—tentatively titled Country Cousins—he says, "I promise you it will happen. We're just going to have to bunker down and make it happen. Even if we have to set aside what we're doing, it's worth it, because people are really asking for it."

Are you excited about Country Cousins? Do you like the new tattoos on Yelawolf's temples? Check out the interviews below and tell us what you think!