June 5, 2012


Meet the MMVA Nominees: 17-Year-Old Canadian Pop Star Victoria Duffield

Carlyle Routh
Carlyle Routh

Victoria Duffield, a 17-year-old pop sensation from British Columbia, got her start on the third season of Canadian reality show The Next Star, where she met Josh Ramsay, the lead singer of Marianas Trench and co-wrote their hit "Fever." She was ultimately eliminated from the show, but she proved detractors wrong by performing her monster single "Shut Up and Dance" on the finale of the next season! Soon the song went platinum. High school must be pretty amazing for this girl!

Long before her singing career began, Duffield was a popular TV actor, playing roles on Smallville, Supernatural, Painkiller Jane and Cold Squad (at age ten). And acting must run in the family, because her brother Burkely Duffield stars on the amazing American/British teen mystery drama House of Anubis. As if she hadn't done enough by age 17, she's also a classically trained pianist.

This year, "Shut Up and Dance," (which came out in a sweet bilingual English/French version) is one of the MMVA nominees for Best Pop Video! You can watch the show, and root for Victoria to win, on June 17 at 9PM on Fuse! And you can watch the viral original video for "Shut Up and Dance" below and let us know what you think of Victoria Duffield in the comments!

Victoria Duffield, "Shut Up and Dance"

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