June 19, 2012


You Need To Know: The First Lady Of Taylor Gang, Lola Monroe

Chelsea Lauren
Chelsea Lauren

Every Tuesday, You Need to Know spotlights a rising artist that we know will blow up big. Listen now. Thank us later. This week: video star-turned-rapper Lola Monroe.

Lola Monroe might be one of the first video vixens to crossover from rappers' eye candy to full-blown rapper, but it didn't exactly happen overnight. The Ethiopian-born former model has been making a name for herself since 2006 in music videos for 50 Cent, Kanye West, Busta Rhymes, Trey Songz and more, but it's the buzz around her four mixtapes and 2011 nomination for Best Female Hip Hop Artist at the BET Awards that scored Lola her latest staring role–as the only woman on Wiz Khalifa's record label. She's the self-proclaimed "First Lady Of Taylor Gang."

She might look like a real-life Betty Boop, but that doesn't mean Lola's afraid to go hard. Her grimy flow reminds us a bit of Nicki Minaj (nasty) mixed with a touch of Foxy Brown (nastier), and just like them, she's also NSFW. She's already teamed up with Trina (nastiest) on "Overtime," and successfully held her own. Oh, and shout out to her "Stay Schemin'" freestyle–it's not the easiest thing in the world to rap over a Rick Ross track. 

Check out Lola Monroe's latest with Wiz Khalifa below, and look out for her debut album, rumored to drop later this year.

Lola Monroe feat. Wiz Khalifa - "Gettin To It"