June 28, 2012


YouTube Star Keenan Cahill Is Preparing to Drop a Single

Keenan Cahill, a 17-year-old Chicago YouTube sensation, has had a remarkable career so far: He's been shouted out by Katy Perry, racked up some 500,000,000 YouTube views for his lip-sync videos and worked with 50 CentLMFAOJason Derulo and others. So what's the teenager, who suffers from the hereditary disease MPS6, doing next? Releasing an album.

"After four years we're starting to transition out of lip-syncing," he explains. "I wanted to be a singer and I knew it would happen one day, I just didn't know when or how. Artists are willing to [work with me] since they know who I am and they wanna help out."

Watch the video above to hear more about Cahill's meteoric rise, and check out the clip below to hear about how 50 Cent can cry on command and more. Then let us know how excited you are for Cahill's solo album in the comments below!