July 5, 2012


6-Year-Old Rapper Albert's "Booty Pop" Video: Funny or Frightening? (1)

There's a music video making the rounds today from a six-year-old South Florida rapper named Albert. The track is called "Booty Popping'" and it shows lil Albert in a kiddie pool surrounded by—you guessed it—half-naked girls shaking booties. He even squirts said booties with a squirt gun. Thing is, the content of the video has earned restricted status on YouTube, which means only users 18 and older can watch it. Which means lil Albert can't watch his own video for another 12 years. 

The video is predictably causing a bit of an uproar: As Gawker points out, Vibe labeled "Booty Pop" child abuse, writing "if Albert were a 6-year-old girl swimming in a sea of d-ck soup singing about making her booty pop, would it still be so funny and amusing"?

I tend to agree with Vibe—but what do you guys think of Albert and "Booty Popping"? Sound off in the comments below.