July 11, 2012


Adam Levine Explains His "Payphone" Collabo With Wiz Khalifa

How did Adam Levine, the model-dating pretty boy singer for Maroon 5 and judge for The Voice, ever hook up with the Amber Rose-dating smoke-machine rapper Wiz Khalifa for their new collabo "Payphone"? Songwriter and producer Benny Blanco. Levine explains in a recent interview with Fuse.

"That was Benny Blanco," he says, "and it was so crazy I thought it might work." It did. "Wiz wound up killing it," explains Levine. "He's also just the world's most wonderful dude."

So will Levine try his hand at more hip hop jams? "I'm a really good rapper, so..." he jokes. "I'm not gonna say I'm the best. But no one will ever know: I'll only rap in the shower."

Watch the full interview above.