July 5, 2012


Amanda Palmer Is Ready to Roller Skate With Fans

Fuse sat down with indie provocateur Amanda Palmer—who recently netted $1 million in a Kickstarter campaign to fund her next album, despite only asked for $100,000—and talked about the dim future of the old school music industry and how she's paying back fans for their substantial donations.

Fulfilling Kickstarter Campaign Incentives
"There were two 10,000 dollar packages [in my Kickstarter campaign] but I think two people bought the same one. I will have dinner with them and paint them, [as in] do a portrait of them while they sit there. Or whatever they want. If they’re like f**k it, let's go rolling skating, then fine. It's really up to them—they paid ten grand. So I'll be flexible."

"A lot of planning has to go into next year because we have 35 people who bought house parties [via Kickstarter contributions]. The fact that these fans are literally take it upon themselves to book me, pay me and arrange my shows is groundbreaking."

On the Future of the Music Industry
"The music industry as it is now has already failed. As it faltered, they didn't take into account that people actually like supporting musicians. You don't have to trick them and skeez them. You just have to make it easy for them, and if you do, most of them, many of them, enough of them will support the artist that they love because they deeply want to."

Stage Show Oddities
"In certain cases I'll bring people on tour with me whose specific job is to be weird and add weirdness." 

For the full interview, watch the video above. And to read about the pirate-themed cabaret Palmer put on to celebrate her $1 million Kickstarter campaign, head over here for our on-the-scene report.