July 17, 2012


Bob Dylan Announces New Album "Tempest"

Gus Stewart
Gus Stewart

Fifty years after releasing his debut album, Bob Dylan has announced plans for Tempest, his 35th album and first since 2009's Christmas in the Heart, scheduled to drop on September 11.

As on most albums Dylan records these days, the singer will self-produce the 10-track Tempest under the pseudonym Jack Frost.

It's been a busy year for the 71-year-old. Earlier this year, Dylan received the Presidential Medal of Freedom from Barack Obama. The singer is currently finishing up an European tour before returning stateside for, obviously, more touring.

More importantly, Tempest will be released on the same day as A$AP Rocky's LongLiveA$AP, hopefully sparking a new genre and generational war. On September 11, 2007, Kanye and 50 hyped up their respective releases with a Rolling Stone cover entitled "Showdown!" If we can get the same thing going for Zimmy and Rocky, life would be complete.

Track listing:

"Duquesne Whistle"
"Soon After Midnight"
"Narrow Way"
"Long and Wasted Years"
"Pay In Blood"
"Scarlet Town"
"Early Roman Kings"
"Tin Angel"
"Roll On John"