July 11, 2012


Breathe Carolina Give "Most Likely To" Awards to Warped 2012 Bands

When we caught up with Kyle Even and David Schmitt of Breathe Carolina at Warped Tour 2012, the scream-dance outfit doled out Senior Superlatives (aka yearbook "best" and "most likely to" awards) for the 2012 lineup of Warped Tour. Here's what they had to say about their fellow punks—and their own drummer's run-ins with the law.

Most Likely To Party Until Dawn? Breathe Carolina & Pierce the Veil: "I'm going to go ahead and say us and my boy MikeyWhiskeyHands from Pierce the Veil. He's always down to party, no matter what." Rock on, MikeyWhiskeyHands. 

Warped Tour Clowns? Motionless In White: "They put on quite the show… it's very horror movie-esque, it's awesome."

Best Live Act? Taking Back Sunday: "They are absolutely amazing every time. A must-see if you've never seen them before."

Break Out Bands of Warped Tour 2012? Pierce the Veil, Miss May I ("we're stoked they're on the main stage") and Of Mice & Men

Best Athletes? Mayday Parade: "The first thing I see him doing is working out."

Most Likely to Get Arrested? Breathe Carolina: "Our boy Eric, because it happened two years ago," Even tells Fuse. "Our drummer got arrested like three times in six months," says Schmitt. "I'm going to go ahead and say one of us for sure, probably Eric. I hope he doesn't get arrested, because he'll be going away for a little bit if he does again."

For Breathe Carolina's full take on Senior Superlatives at Warped Tour 2012, watch the video above.