July 12, 2012


Chief Keef: "My Interscope Debut Album Will Drop This Year"

On June 25, 17-year-old Chicago rap prodigy Chief Keef came to New York for a round of interviews and perform his first show here, which he did to a sold out crowd at S.O.B.'s. We spent the day following Keef around the Big Apple in a caravan with his friends and label handlers, and the next day we sat down with him for an interview.

On his much-anticipated debut, Keef said, "My album's coming out later this year with Interscope. I don't know what I'm going to name it yet. Tweet me some names or something! @chiefkeef."

On whether he thinks Eminem or Lil Wayne is the better MC, Keef said he prefers Eminem, "But Lil Wayne is goin' crazy too. I don't know where they get their lyrics from! They asses crazy. They could make their own dictionary if they wanted to."

He also told us about being on house arrest. "I was on house arrest for a long time, too! I threw a rock and busted out a store glass. I'm still on probation right now but I'm off all that house arrest stuff, like curfew stuff, needing permission from the judge to go places... I'm off that. Now I'm on regular probation, I just can't pick up [any] new cases... I got like four years or something."

Watch the video above for more Keef in New York, and let us know what you think of Keef in the comments!