July 11, 2012


Courtney Love's Ex-Assistant Is Suing Her for Being "Evil"

Robin Marchant
Robin Marchant

If you were hired as Courtney Love's assistant, you'd probably expect to go through a whole lot of pain and suffering from Courtney's mercurial personality. But it looks like Jessica Labrie, the assistant she hired in June 2010, just couldn't take it.

According to E!, Labrie has filed a lawsuit against Love alleging that the Hole singer "acted with an improper and evil motive amounting to malice or despicable conduct." Damn, she actually called her evil.

The lawsuit also states that Labrie was hired to be an assistant and "forensic research aide" (whatever that means) for $30 an hour. Labrie said she worked 60-hour-plus weeks without getting paid overtime, and that she was asked to hire a computer hacker and send fake legal correspondence. She also stated that Courtney didn't follow through on her promises to pay Labrie's college tuition and get her a job on the set of a Nirvana biopic.

Jeez! So do you think the lawsuit is legitimate or frivolous? Let us know in the comments!