July 17, 2012


Das Racist Remix H&M Poster Girl Lana Del Rey

Nick Pickles
Nick Pickles

Since an eight-minute video starring A$AP Rocky as JFK just wasn't hip hop cred enough, Lana Del Rey's "National Anthem" now has a Das Racist remix to its name. Queens' oddball hip hop group posted a pretty awesome remix of the Born to Die single yesterday, although calling it a remix is selling it short: It's a clever reworking of the song that emphasizes Rey's syncopated vocal delivery more than your typical "throw a verse on a song and call it a remix" remix.

Check it out on SoundCloud—Kool A.D. name checks everything from deadmau5 to Miley to The Based God to "Diplo's drunk ass," whereas Heems raps, "Money money money money!" before switching over to talking about "rupeeeeeees." It's definitely worth a listen… or three. 

In other LDR news, H&M announced that the perpetually bored-looking indie chanteuse is the new face of their autumn and winter lines worldwide (so look forward to hearing "Blue Jeans" 24/7 at an H&M near you). If that fall fashion update doesn't pique your curiosity, the fact that LDR is covering "Blue Velvet" for an H&M mini-film (set to release September 19) should grab your attention. After all, is there a better match for her retro fashion fetish than a "Blue Velvet" cover? I think not.