July 12, 2012


DeStorm to Collaborate With Cee Lo, Rick Ross & Shaq?

DeStorm became famous as a personality on YouTube, but the quick-witted video star is about to diversify his hustle. At VidCon DeStorm told Fuse about his upcoming rap album, Be Careful, and possible collaborations with Cee Lo, Rick Ross and Shaq (!!!).

"I think I'm going to be working with Cee Lo, hopefully. I had my album release party and one of his producers came up to the party and was like, 'We gotta get you guys in the studio together.' So he's working it out and that would be pretty cool. Also, Shaq. He has a new channel on YouTube. They hit me up. It's Shaq's comedy channel... Maybach Music is over there. Rick Ross are over there, so I might be working with them, too."

DeStorm also tells us about his new music video for "Instagram" and new YouTube series Did That Just Happen? Watch the clip above, then tell us what you think in the comments.