July 6, 2012


This Dude Broke Into Diddy's Mansion & Used His Toothbrush


If you're crazy enough to break into Diddy's mansion and sleep there like it ain't no thang, then you probably have some funny stories to tell about it. That seems to be the case with Qua-mine Taylor, the man who broke into the East Hampton estate in April.

"I brought a cheesesteak, a cheesecake [and] a bucket of fried chicken, which I ate at the house. And [I] drank a ‘dollar’ bottle of Hennessy and four cans of Pepsi," said Taylor at his sentencing yesterday, according to the New York Post.

Taylor also used some of Diddy’s Frank’s Red Hot sauce and drank some of his Hypnotiq. And then, "After I ate, I went upstairs and went to sleep." He also smoked THREE of Diddy's Dutch cigars, drank his orange soda and then used Diddy's soap, aftershave and toothbrush. 

Taylor was found about 24 hours after he broke in, but he had plans of staying a lot longer: "I was actually hoping to stay like five to 17 days... I stay there a lot, but Sean gets funny sometimes about me staying there."

Today, Taylor was sentenced to time served (he's been in jail since the April arrest) and ordered not to go near Diddy's homes for five years.

Do you think he should have been ordered never to return? Or should Diddy just invite him over because he seems harmless? Let us know in the comments!