July 3, 2012


Fans Choked a Young Michael Jackson With His Scarf

The Jacksons, who recently launched their North American Unity Tour, sat down with Fuse recently to discuss the mayhem on their 1970 headlining tour as the Jackson 5—including one very hectic clash with crazy fans in England.

"We were on our way to London and the pilot had mentioned that there were 10,000 fans at the airport," says Marlon Jackson. "And when we got there, we all got trapped: Tito was trapped on top of the Rolls Royce limousine, Michael had a scarf and the fans were pulling it this way and that way, choking him, and then they tried to turn the car over, shaking it and pushing it. It was a scary moment!"

Watch the video above to find out about their current tour and how they're handling Michael not being there. Then let us know if you'd pay to see the Jacksons onstage with a Michael Jackson hologram in the comments!