July 16, 2012


Flo Rida Parties Much, Much Harder Than You

Sure, maybe you party pretty hard, but Flo Rida parties much, much harder than you. 

Case in point: "I have a bunch of my friends around sometimes and we might play around and spray champagne on each other," Flo tells Fuse in a recent video interview (watch above). It's "a champagne war. I was just spraying people, spraying the fans, spraying everything. Partying with David Guetta, he's definitely a wild boy. Hanging out with Guetta, we probably end up standing on top of the bar, the turntables, all of that. Partying with my boy Akon. There's no limit to champagne."

"I definitely party hard," he says. 

Watch the video above to hear more about Flo Rida's outrageous partying, vacationing and gift-giving habits, and then let us know what you think of Flo in the comments!