July 11, 2012


Florence Loses Her Voice: "I Seriously Felt Something Snap"

Aubree Lennon for Fuse
Aubree Lennon for Fuse

Florence Welch took to Twitter today to give her fans some bad news: "Yes it's true, it finally happened, I've lost my voice," Welch wrote, throwing in a frowny face for good measure. "I've sustained a vocal injury and been told I cannot sing for a week... seriously, I felt something snap, it was very frightening."

Yikes! Even reading that makes my skin crawl. Sadly, this means the vocally gifted soul siren had to cancel an upcoming festival performance in Spain and a tour date in Portugal. "I'm so sorry to all the fans," Welch continued to write over a series of tweets (one of which was signed "yours croakily"). "I was desperate to still perform, but was told without question not to, so as not to do permanent damage." So this means the fate of Florence + The Machine's July 20 concert in Burnaby, Canada is probably up to her doctors.

After a deluge of well-wishing tweets, Florence responded with gratitude: "Actually feeling a bit teary looking at all your messages. I'm gonna get mended real quick and come sing all your houses down."

Heal fast, Florence! Go get some rest in that fluffy, adorable bear suit of yours. We're pulling for you here at Fuse. Unless—like another popular singing redhead—you willingly gave your voice to that crafty sea witch. Then we're just pissed.