July 16, 2012


French Right-Wing Party to Sue Madonna Over Nazi Imagery

Kevin Mazur
Kevin Mazur

In her continuing effort to piss someone—anyone—off, Madonna may be facing a lawsuit from France's right-wing National Front Party for superimposing a swastika onto the face of party leader Marine Le Pen during a recent show.

During Saturday night's performance of "Nobody Knows Me" in Paris, Madonna showed images of Le Pen alongside Sarah Palin, Pope Benedict and Chinese leader Hu Jintao—all presumably members of the singer's enemies list. Keeping in line with the subtle message, Le Pen's image appeared right before Hitler's.

According to Billboard, a private plaintiff's case for "public insult" will be presented to the court this week. While anti-racism groups have applauded the singer's actions, National Front Vice-President Florian Phillipot felt, um, slightly different. "We cannot accept everything," he said. "We cannot accept this insulting connection. Marine Le Pen is defending her honor, but also that of party members and supporters and the millions of Front National voters." 

It's not like this was a surprise. The International Herald Tribune reported last month that Le Pen's advisors stated, after reading reports of the video during Madonna's kickoff show in Tel Aviv, that they would look into a lawsuit should Madonna display the same routine in France. Le Pen herself said, "If she does that in France, we'll be waiting for her."