July 9, 2012


Game Beats Up 40 Glocc While Recording Video

Over the weekend, Los Angeles rapper Game filmed himself beating up G-Unit member 40 Glocc outside a mansion party. "iPhone in my left hand…Mayweather’n [him] with my right," Game tweeted afterward. Game then posted the video footage to 40gloccgotktfo.com—the "gotktfo" standing for "got knocked the f**k out."

But why did this happen, exactly? Frankly, the brawl video (watch above) shows a bizarre and uncomfortable display of frustration and rage from a man whose best days in music are clearly behind him. Obviously Game's goal was to look more powerful than 40 Glocc, who he's beefed with for years, but instead he looks pathetic.

40 Glocc responded to the video via VladTV: "I ain't pressin' no charges... That s**t ain't nothin'. You gotta take an L in certain situations." 40 noted that Game and his crew were armed, while he was not: "My motto is, 'If you don't got a gun and they got some, you better run.'" Good motto.

Watch the fight above and 40 Glocc's response below. Is this just pathetic? What does the hip hop world gain from this video? Let us know what you think in the comments.