July 19, 2012


The Eight Best Batman Musical Moments

From elaborate Batman music videos, EDM remixes of The Dark Knight, and go-go dancing in crime-fighting costumes, here are The Eight Best Batman Musical Moments:

Best Batman Musical Moment #8: Coolio’s Random Cameo in Batman & Robin (1997)

Batman and Robin (1997)
Batman and Robin (1997)

                         Coolio totally fits in the neon-filled Joel Schumacher universe

If you blink, you will miss what must be one of the shortest Coolio cameos of all time. During the completely necessary motorcycle race scene, Batgirl (Alicia Silverstone) slips Coolio a wad of cash to enter the race. 

Best Batman Musical Moment #7: EDM Remixes of The Dark Knight (2008)

                        This town deserves a better class of electronic dance music 

Chris Nolan broke the normal conventions of a Batman movie, and his darker and more realistic tones left no room for a pop/rock soundtrack. The collectors' edition of the Grammy Award winning soundtrack for The Dark Knight gave fans something new: EDM remixes of the score.

EDM favorites like Paul Van Dyk and The Crystal Method took the ominous Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard score and made it something you can rave to at Comic-Con

Best Batman Musical Moment #6: Smashing Pumpkins Sell Out (Kinda) for Batman & Robin (1997)

 Sadly, no Billy Corgan 'Batman & Robin' tie-in action figures were made

In 1997, it seemed weird that an alternative band like Smashing Pumpkins would do a song for giant summer blockbuster; which was meant to be toyetic

The song, “The End Is the Beginning Is the End,” did explore the band’s then-new post-Mellon Collie sound. Billy Corgan even attempted to make the song “represent Batman,” and the music video was done under the guidance of Joel Schumacher.

A new audience rediscovered the song when an alternative version was later used in the trailer for another superhero movie, Watchmen.

Best Batman Musical Moment #5: Joker's Got Punk Rock Style - The Dark Knight (2008)

Paul Kane
Paul Kane

Costume designer Lindy Hemming drew her inspiration for Heath Ledger’s Joker from such punk rock icons as Johnny Rotten from the Sex Pistols. Ledger also revealed that there was a bit of Sid Vicious in his Oscar-winning  performance.  

Best Batman Musical Moment #4: “Kiss From A Rose” by Seal from Batman Forever (1995)

                    When they turn on the Bat-Signal, Seal is always there to sing

Yes, you have a Batman movie to thank/blame for this song's status as a '90s pop staple. The single did OK when it was initially released in 1994, but it took the helping hand of Batman in 1995 to bring this song to the No. 1 spot on Billboard's Hot 100.

Next time you hear that infamous vocal melody from “Kiss From a Rose” —or you are doing your best “baby!” when you try to sing Seal at karaoke — remember Batman...forever...the movie.

Best Batman Musical Moment #3: Let’s Get the Guy From Oingo Boingo to Write a Batman Score – Batman (1989) and Batman Returns (1992)

                                You try not getting that epic theme stuck in your head

Danny Elfman has arguably created the most iconic and recognizable superhero theme of all time (I welcome the heat from Superman fans for that statement). The film score would even help change the model of the soundtrack industry.   

But before he was one of the most sought after film composers, Elfman was in a little New Wave band called Oingo Boingo.  Director Tim Burton used to frequent Oingo Boingo shows back in his club days, and Burton was later able to bring him onto his biggest and most expensive projects at the time — Batman and Batman Returns. The pair have collaborated on nearly every Tim Burton film.

Best Batman Musical Moment  #2: The Batusi from Batman, the TV Series (1966) 

                                     Even Batman gets drunk at bars and hits on women

Christian Bale may dance to LMFAO, but credit Adam West’s Batman with creating one of the most awkward moves of all time.

In short, the Batusi or the Bat-Dance, was popular a go-go dance move from the '60s (ask your parents/grandparents, "why?”) that has now has been immortalized as an Internet meme:

                                                Batman is sexy and he knows it?

Thankfully this is something that will never happen to the current Dark Knight trilogy. 

Best Batman Musical Moment #1: Prince Makes a Batman Album - Batman (1989)

Let’s say you are reading this article and you have never seen the classic 1989 Batman. That’s OK, because Prince made a song and music video for the movie, which is basically one giant dance interpretation of the film. See the evidence above. 

Highlights of the video include:

  1. Prince has a Batcave/ recording studio.
  2. Prince is dressed up in a half Batman/Joker suit.
  3. Jokers and Batmen battle in a dance-off.
  4. The film's dialogue is sampled nonsensically.

If only Prince made more music videos like this for the film (Oh wait.. he did).

Whether you believe that Prince did justice to "The Clown Prince of Crime” or not, his Batman soundtrack was No. 1 on Billboard's albums chart for six weeks. To date, it is the only superhero soundtrack to hit No.1 on Billboard's albums chart. Now if Adele does a soundtrack for Zack Snyder's Superman movie, all bets are off.