July 26, 2012


Jay-Z's Best Commercials (And A Hilarious One With 50 Cent)

Clive Brunskill
Clive Brunskill

We all know Jay-Z knows how to rap. We all know he knows how to marry people. (He picked Beyonce, the world's coolest woman.) And we all know dude knows how to make a dollar. But it also happens that Jay's never made a misstep in the world of making commercials. No Shake Weight ads for this guy; dude's had good taste since jump. That's more than MC Hammer can say. (No offense.)

We scoured the YouTube vaults for the best clips of Jay-Z pimping products, and there isn't a cheesy one in the bunch. Well, except for the one he did with 50 Cent, which gets an honorable mention. Take a look below, and let us know your favorite in the comments.

4. Jay-Z's 2012 Rocawear commercial
In 30 short seconds, Jay manages to not only give us his entire life story, but also makes me wish I was a kid from the Marcy Projects in Brooklyn and I became a world famous rapper and started my own clothing line. I want to go to the next mountain with you, Jay. Call me.

3. Jay-Z's 2006 HP commercial
So maybe this commercial was HP's idea, but Jay-Z's the one who made it rad. Not that we actually buy that Jay-Z uses an HP laptop, but the series of futuristic holograms organizing Jay's new songs, his Rocawear campaign, vacation pics and financial portfolio makes me kinda want to buy one. Just kidding. The commercial rules, though.

2. Jay-Z's 2012 Duracell Powermat commercial
As if I didn't already feel like my iPhone battery levels were a direct reflection of my life, Jay-Z has to team up with Duracell's Powermat and remind me that yes, I am less of a person than him. In the new commercial, all these schmoes are walking around with next-to-no battery left on their phones. But the one cool guy who has the Duracell Powermat is always rocking a percentage well into the 90s. At the end, his phone rings displaying the name "B," and that's when Jay-Z reaches down to take the call. Boom—keeping your phone charged is now cool.

1. Jay-Z's 2009 Rhapsody commercial
To hype the release of his 2009 album The Blueprint 3, Jay made the coolest commercial of all time. Set to "Run This Town," the rapper walks from scene to scene, pausing in each one to reenact each of his album covers. Definitely the flyest thing Rhapsody's ever done.

Honorable Mention: 50 Cent's 2003 Reebok commercial (featuring Jay-Z)
In 2003, a bunch of executives convinced on-again off-again friends 50 Cent and Jay-Z to rap about Reeboks. They got it on tape and aired it as a commercial. It's hilarious in the way those made-up songs on "Saved By The Bell" were. (You know, when Zach Morris and crew were part of Zach Attack.)