July 30, 2012


Jay-Z Is Producing a Basketball Video Game

"A champion never rests, never stops, never settles," says a voice Hip Hop Wired identifies as Michael Jordan in this blink-and-miss-it teaser for the video game NBA 2K13, "so we didn't." Then Jay-Z's fine song "Public Service Announcement" kicks into high gear for a few seconds, gets rudely cut off before Hov gets to reintroduce himself, and we're suddenly informed that NBA 2K13 will be executive produced by the Jigga Man. Some thoughts on this matter:

  • 2K Sports are some brash mofos for pretending any layperson, music fan or gamer has any idea what an executive producer's job is, particularly when that person is a globetrotting, multiplatinum recording artist
  • The "Executive Produced By Jay-Z" tagline is actually on the box, or at least the art that looks like the box, of this game
  • Jay-Z's music will be in the game, right? Lots of it?
  • Jay-Z sitting courtside will be in the game, right? At least when the Brooklyn Nets are playing? At least as an unlockable thing?
  • Jay-Z won't use this game to premiere new music like Lady Gaga did with, um, Farmville, right?