July 13, 2012


Jennifer Lopez Is Leaving "American Idol"

American Idol 2012
American Idol 2012

After weeks of rumors, Jennifer Lopez just announced that she is leaving American Idol in a call to Idol host Ryan Seacrest's morning show. Just yesterday, Steven Tyler said he was leaving the show (which he called his "mistress") to return to Aerosmith full time.

Lopez sat behind the judges' table for the last two years, which she told Seacrest was longer than she had intended. "When I signed on to Idol I signed on for one year. And I wound up doing two years because I just fell in love with the show," Lopez told Seacrest on his morning show. "It was just such a lovely surprise in my life to do it…. [but]I honestly feel like the time has come that I have to get back to doing the other things I do that I put on hold. We had an amazing run."

One of Jennifer Lopez's upcoming projects is producing and guest starring in an upcoming ABC Family series about a lesbian couple with kids whose life is turned upside down when a teenage girl moves into their house. Wacky!

In the rumor mill world, US Weekly said Randy Jackson may be leaving Idol and Mariah Carey is in "serious talks" to join the show as a judge. Adam Lambert recently told reporters that although he was not in talks to join the show as a judge, he would definitely be interested in the position. 

Are you sad the most beautiful woman in the world is leaving Idol? Will you still be watching the show without her and Steven Tyler? Sound off in the comments!