July 17, 2012


Jennifer Lopez Left "American Idol" Because Steven Tyler Did

Frederick M. Brown
Frederick M. Brown

Last week, when Jennifer Lopez announced that she was leaving American Idol less than a day after Steven Tyler did the same, the ever-shrinking Idol audience may have wondered why, exactly, Lopez  left so suddenly. And now we have an answer: Because Steven Tyler did.

“We had magic,” Lopez told ABC News. “I don’t know, with him gone, it might be a different formula.” She also suggested a few potential replacements for her seat: "I think like Bono or Bon Jovi or Mick Jagger. You know me, I think big."

Another name that may come to mind is Enrique Iglesias, who is currently touring with J. Lo. But he apparently doesn't want the job: “I wouldn’t be a good judge," Iglesias said. "It’s a lot of pressure, just thinking about, ‘Oh my god, I just ruined this person’s career.'"

J. Lo clarified that she might return to Idol in the future: “I love them and they love me and it’s hard when I feel like I should move on. I don’t know that it’s even done yet. I don’t know. I feel like I’m moving on.”

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