July 9, 2012


Kaskade Defends Collaborator Skrillex

Chicago house DJ/producer Kaskade took a moment from his Freaks of Nature Tour to chat with Fuse about EDM's mainstream breakthrough, his "selfish" approach to making music and why he had to defend his collaboratiion with Skrillex

Defending Skrillex
"A lot of people in my world are like, 'Skrillex, that's just noise, man.' But I didn't hear that. I was like, 'No, that stuff is very musical, it's all about the melody.' Yes, it's very aggressive, but I actually liked that. It's refreshing. When I first heard [Skrillex] I was like, [uses high-pitched voice], 'What is this man? It's like robots making noises!' But I love that."

Collaborating With Skrillex
"He asked me to do a remix for Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites… [then] we [were] going to do this [remix] swap. But I was like, 'Screw doing a remix, man, let's just work on something together.'" [Listen to their collabo "Lick It" over here.]

EDM's Mainstream Popularity
"It was always left-field, left of center, different music. Now that it's accepted by the masses, it's kind of strange, because I'm not sure if I'd get into some of the clubs I play in now."

Why He Doesn't Make Albums For the Fans"For me, writing an album has always been a selfish thing. I'm not the guy that's like, 'It's all for the fans.' I'm making the record for myself. With performances and shows, I'm really fan-centric, but when it comes to my art, I don't like to compromise at all. I have a vision, it's what I want to create. I don’t care what the label says, management, attorney, whatever. All you guys are all out the window. This is mine."

For the full interview with Kaskade, watch the video above. And head over here to watch Kaskade's "Room For Happiness" music video featuring Skylar Grey.